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PolStudiesAssoc: We're very excited for all these words: 'Radical Democracy, Deliberative Democracy, Agonistic Democracy? Choosing Enemies, Crossing Boundaries & Bridging 'the Divide''. Register for #PSA19 & come t

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Public event
22 Feb
This workshop aims to bring together political and business leaders, together with academics and civil society organisations to discuss the likely impact of Brexit on European regions.
22 Feb 2019
Public event
26 Feb
Join The Democratic Society and The Politics Project for a meeting of the Greater Manchester Democracy Hub
26 Feb 2019
ECN event
05 Mar
Building on the success of the last two years' events, the PSA's Early Career Network (ECN) is delighted to announce its third annual Demystifying event, which will take place on Tuesday th
05 Mar 2019
Academic event
07 Mar
A number of subsequent events that took place in the past few years such as the Arab uprisings or the crisis in Ukraine have exposed the systematic failures of the EU's foreign policy.
07 Mar 2019
PSA event
18 Mar
Ahead of a key moment in British history, this panel discussion will assess the impact of Brexit on young people and how it has influenced their political engagement.
18 Mar 2019

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