The PSA Annual Awards 2019 - our nineteenth - is an occasion to recognise the individuals and organisations that are shaping politics.


Thank you to all PSA members who submitted nominations for the nineteenth annual PSA Awards 2019! There is no doubt that the last twelve months have been a remarkable but challenging time in our politics. All the more reason to recognise those politicians, broadcasters, journalists and academics who have avoided hackneyed soundbites, engaged positively with the public, or articulated policies and arguments with substance and clarity. 

Your nominations have been considered by an expert jury who have decided on winners for each category. 

Your chance to win too! PSA members who made nominations will be entered into a prize draw to attend the PSA Awards Dinner and Ceremony on Tuesday 12th November at Church House, Westminster, and see the awards recipients.

Awards recipients will be publicly announced at the PSA Annual Awards Dinner and Ceremony on Tuesday 12th November at Church House, Westminster. 

2019 Jury

Amelia Gentleman
Reporter, The Guardian
Kate McCann
Political Correspondent, Sky News
George Parker
Political Editor, Financial Times
Anna Smee
CEO, UK Youth
Rebecca Vincent
UK Bureau Director, Reporters without Borders
Professor Angelia Wilson
PSA Chair & University of Manchester
Professor Fiona MacKay
PSA Trustee & University of Edinburgh

PSA Awards 2019 categories

Politician of the Year
An award for a domestic politician who has made a significant impact (since December 2018).
Parliamentarian of the Year
An award for a domestic politican who has made an effective contribution in either the UK Parliament or devolved institutions (since December 2018).
Lifetime Achievement in Politics
An award for a politician who has played an active and influential role and made a significant contribution to British politics over a sustained period.
Best Use of Evidence
An award for a UK publicly elected official or politican active in office since December 2018, who has made a policy decision clearly based on what a body of evidence demonstrates is the best course of action. In partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence.
Campaign / Campaigner of the Year
An award for an individual or group instrumental in developing or orchestrating an effective campaign at a local or national level over a sustained period.
Journalist of the Year
An award made to an individual journalist who has made a significant contribution to the analysis and understanding of politics (since December 2018).
Broadcaster of the Year
An award made to an individual broadcaster who has made a significant contribution to the analysis and understanding of politics (since December 2018).
Political Podcast of the Year
This inaugural award is for a podcast that showcases the best of the medium with high quality and compelling content since December 2018, making a significant contribution to the analysis and understanding of politics.
Contribution to the Arts and Culture
An award for an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to help the public better understand and interpret politics. Arts and culture is broadly defined, including: visual and performing arts; comedy and satire; TV, radio and film; and literature (since December 2018).
Sir Isaiah Berlin Award for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies
This annual award is for an academic who can demonstrate a lifetime contribution to the study and understanding of politics.
Political Studies Communicator
This award is for an academic or academics working together who have demonstrated excellence in conveying political ideas, issues, and evidence-based research to non-academic audiences (including politicians, civil servants, business and industry, third sector organisations and the general public) via media outlets, public events, policy pamphlets etc. (since December 2018).
Jo Cox Award for Public Service and Active Citizenship
This award is for an academic at a non-Professor level that has demonstrably made a difference by playing an active role at a local, national or international level thereby bringing about positive change and/or conveying a better understanding of political and socio-economic issues and reflecting the campaigning spirit and humanitarian values espoused by the late Jo Cox.
International Recognition Award
An award for a public intellectual, politician, journalist/broadcaster or organisation who has made a significant contribution to the study and/or public understanding of politics, democracy, human rights and governance over a sustained period.

Previous Award Recipients

The full list of PSA Awards Recipients up to 2018 is available here.

Details of previous PSA Awards, including brochures, are available here.


For any further details regarding the PSA Awards please contact Misty Hammond, Events Manager, PSA.