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Getting Political Philosophy Students to Argue for Themselves: Methods, Experiments, and Teaching Without Preaching

This webinar, hosted by PSA teaching prize winner Dr Jonathan Floyd, will discuss his approach to teaching political theory/philosophy in universities, as developed over the last ten years. One of the key aspects of that is explaining to students how the nuts and bolts of normative argument work, and in turn how they can start to do this for themselves, along the way handling the conflicting pressures of (a) students being excited by studying controversial topics and dilemmas, but also (b) growing worries on campus about causing offence, or alienating some part of the student body, depending on the material. All of this is connected by the idea that we get students to mount their own arguments, showing them 'how' to think rather than 'what' to think, because as soon as it sounds like the latter, you can start to lose them.
June 15th, 2021 3:00 PM through  4:00 PM