Conference Highlights 2016

Our 66th Annual International Conference, Politics and the Good Life, was held at the Hilton Brighton Metropole and The Grand Brighton from 21 - 23 March 2016. 

Online discussions around the conference can be followed via our Storify page and on Twitter at #PSA16To view a full set of photos taken at the conference, please visit our Flickr account.

Politics and the Good Life

Ever since thought was directed towards and attached itself to politics, the question of The Good Life has been a fundamental one. The ancient Athenians recorded their musings on politics, ethics and knowledge, and they developed both a descriptive and an evaluative vocabulary in order to assess different political forms of organisation. Most famously, Plato sought to align The Good with justice. At #PSA16 we re-examined the notion of The Good, and considered its relevance and resonance to politics in the early twenty-first century.

Panellists considered to what extent notions of The Good and The Good Life orient the form of politics predominating in the early twenty-first century, and what impact wider social developments have on The Good and our understanding of it. The debate also brought up questions of methodology, encouraging delegates to confront the way in which both politics is practiced and ought to be practiced, and question how we can deploy our understanding and methodologies to this field of study. 

The below lectures offer a sample of how this debate manifested itself in the hedonistic setting of Brighton!


'Podemos & Populism' - Íñigo Errejón Galván

Spanish political scientist and Secretary for Policy and Strategy and Campaigning of Podemos, Íñigo Errejón Galván, gave a key-note speech on the building of Podemos and the rise of Populism in Spanish politics.


'The Good Life: from Miserable Inequality to Happy Equality' - Shirin Rai

Professor Shirin Rai (University of Warwick) delivered a key-note speech on 'The Good Life', chaired by Professor Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck, University of London).


'Political Science & the Impact Revolution: Strategies & Opportunities' - Steven Rathgeb Smith

Professor Steven Rathgeb Smith (Chief Executive of the American Political Studies Association) gave a lecture on how the pressure for greater impact is transforming higher education, social science research and the discipline of political science.


PSA Annual Conference Dinner Speaker - Steven Bell

Political Cartoonist Steven Bell shared the latest selection from his satirical cartoons at the Annual Conference Dinner. 

A selection of the artwork and commentary can be viewed on Twitter.