Britain’s post-crisis political economy: distribution, inequality and power (SPERI panel)

Town Hall - Committee Room 1
Time Slot: 
Monday 30th March 16:00 - 17:30
Panel Chair: 
  • Dr Adam Barber (Manchester Metropolitan University )
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Scott Lavery (University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Jeremy Green (University of Cambridge)
  • Mr Martin Craig (University of Sheffield)
  • Mr Nicholas Taylor (University of Warwick)
  • Miss Eleanor Bayley (N/A)

Headline economic figures suggest that the British economy has returned to a phase of growth and expansion. However, underlying this shift there has been an unprecedented squeeze on real wages and a growth in temporary, insecure work. At the same time, asset-price inflation has emerged once again as a key driver of Britain’s finance-led growth model. This panel seeks to interrogate the distributional and political dynamics which have accompanied Britain’s putative economic recovery. The principal question which the panel will deal with is ‘who benefits’ from the return of economic growth in Britain? To answer this, the contributions seek to interrogate the relationship between distribution, inequality and power in Britain’s post-crisis political economy.