Capital Divided? The City of London and the Future of the British Economy (SPERI panel)

Town Hall - Council Chamber
Time Slot: 
Monday 30th March 09:30 - 11:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Dr Scott Lavery (University of Sheffield)
Panel Discussant: 
  • Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Sheffield)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Craig Berry (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Dr Jeremy Green (University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Helen Thompson (University of Cambridge)
  • Dr Caner Bakir (Koc University)

In the aftermath of the financial crisis and the state’s intervention to rescue the banking system, the relationship between British economic development and the concentration of financial services known as ‘the City’ is an issue of paramount importance. This panel seeks to generate new answers to questions about the City’s role in Britain’s economic model. Some of those questions, like the proper relationship between the City and British industry, are of longstanding and enduring relevance. Others, such as the City’s role in a sustainable economic model and a changing world economy, are only now coming into view. Drawing upon theoretical, conceptual and historical analyses, the panellists will seek to generate new political economy understandings of the City’s role within British capitalism.