Plenary Session - 'Deliberative World' with Professor John Dryzek

Town Hall - Mandela Room (Reception Room B)
Time Slot: 
Monday 30th March 14:00 - 15:30

Deliberative World

Chair: Dr Hayley Stevenson, University of Sheffield
Speaker: Professor John Dryzek, University of Canberra

Deliberative democracy is one of the most successful research programmes and reform movements in political theory, political science, and political action. As its reach grows, so do clashes with other ways of understanding and practicing politics. The clashes can involve electoral conceptions of democracy and democratization in comparative politics; realism and liberal multilateralism in international relations; technocracy in public policy analysis; political philosophies that think justice lies beyond the reach of democracy, or that deliberative democracy has betrayed participatory ideals; and cultural sociologies that think deliberation is a limited Western construct. Skirmishes with social capital and rational choice theory are pervasive. I argue for resolving all these clashes in favor of deliberative democracy, while recognizing the provisional nature of any such resolution, and recalcitrance in the real world of governance.