Re-building the alternative, restoring the democratic political system: what is to be done to fix Japan’s troubled democratic politics?

City Hall - Memorial Hall
Time Slot: 
Monday 30th March 16:00 - 17:30
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor Hugo Dobson (University of Sheffield)
Panel Members: 
  • Professor Jiro Yamaguchi (Hosei University)
  • Professor Kensuke Takayasu (Seikei University)
  • Professor Takashi Horie (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Professor Hiroko Takeda (Nagoya University)
  • Professor Michio Umeda (Ehime University)

Civic pride is now facing a severe challenge in Japan. By holding majorities in both the Lower and Upper Houses, the current Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) government has been implementing a series of radical policy changes in the basics of Japanese politics without adhering to relevant Diet procedures and despite mounting frustrations and antipathy amongst the public. This has resulted in the further disenfranchising of the electorate, while other political parties are struggling to present themselves as an alternative to the LDP. It is an urgent task to break out from this impasse by envisioning how to re-build an alternative in Japanese politics and in so doing, restore democratic politics and civic pride. The proposed panel is an attempt to engage in such a task.