Town Hall - Committee Room 3
Time Slot: 
Tuesday 31st March 13:30 - 15:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Dr Umut Korkut (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Panel Discussant: 
  • Dr Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt (Brunel University)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Matthew Qvortrup (Coventry University)
  • Dr Arno van der Zwet (University of Strathclyde)
  • Professor Roger Mortimore (King's College London)
  • Micha Germann (ETH Zurich)
  • Dr Fernando Mendez (University of Zurich)

Considering the impact of the Scottish independence referendum on UK politics, this panel proposes a study of referendums historically and comparatively. It presents both a single-country study as well as a comparative historical analysis.