Researching corruption I

Town Hall - Ante Room
Time Slot: 
Monday 30th March 09:30 - 11:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor Dan Hough (University of Sussex)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Caryn Peiffer (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Olli Hellmann (University of Sussex)
  • Miss Maria Lodi (Rosario National University, Argentina - Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Político)
  • Dr José Luque Rojas (Asociación Mexicana de Ciencias Políticas (AMECIP))

This is the first of three panels organised by the Specialist Group on Corruption and Political Misconduct. It brings together papers that develop new conceptualisations of corruption or offer new theoretical directions for the study of corruption.