Causes, consequences and cures of anti-politics

Surrey Suite 1
Time Slot: 
Monday 21st March 14:15 - 15:45
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor Will Jennings (University of Southampton)
Panel Discussant: 
  • Ms Claudia Chwalisz (Policy Network)
Panel Members: 
  • Mr James Dennison (European University Institute)
  • Professor Sarah Birch (University of Glasgow)
  • Professor Gerry Stoker (University of southampton )
  • Dr Ben Seyd (University of Kent )
  • Professor Graham Smith (University of Westminster)
  • Dr Paolo Spada (University of Westminster)
  • Dr Alan Renwick (University of Reading )
  • Professor Matthew Flinders (University of Sheffield)
  • Professor Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck)
  • Professor Will Jennings (University of Southampton)

Political disaffection continues to be the pressing issue for contemporary democracies. To what extent is this a new development or part of a long-term trend in political attitudes and behaviours? How should political (dis)trust be measured? What are the consequences of disaffection on voting behaviour? And to what extent can democratic innovations ameliorate discontent of citizens with formal politics? This panel brings together papers that address these questions, drawing on a range of qualitative and quantitative methods and data from the 1930s to the present day.