Hilton Meeting Room 7
Time Slot: 
Tuesday 22nd March 15:30 - 17:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Dr Benjamin Leruth (University of Kent / University of Canberra)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Sylvia Shaw (University of Westminster)
  • Dr Fiona McKay (Robert Gordon University )
  • Dr Emily Harmer (University of Liverpool)

Women continue to be marginalised within the political sphere in a variety of ways. This panel aims to demonstrate that the way in which political institutions and processes are reported through news media is not just another example of this marginalisation, but is crucial in sustaining it. Feminist media scholars have long argued that the way women are depicted in news media sends out important messages about their place and role in society and about their lives. If women are absent or marginalised from political news this could reinforce the notion that they are outsiders to the political process. Research has shown that political news coverage in particular is gender biased towards men and their concerns and that in order for women to be included in democratic politics; they must be included in the public discussion of politics which takes place in the news media.  This panel aims to add to the work in this area by exploring the ways women in British politics, in particular, are constructed in mediated discourses about politics. Papers focus upon a variety of settings from General Elections and referenda campaigns, when women politicians might be at their most visible, to more routine coverage which analyses their day-to-day political performance.