PSA Annual International Conference 2017

PSA 67th Annual International Conference

10 – 12 April 2017, Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Politics in Interesting Times

To view the conference programme and to access the full list of approved papers, panels and timings, please click here

Whether it is the end of the world as we know it, the start of the world as we don’t know it,  or plus ça change, politics is moving at a fast pace and provides a challenge for those of  us who study politics. From politics post-Brexit to politics beyond Brexit, to politics  beyond comprehension, we are undoubtedly in ‘interesting times’.

Post-Brexit, what explains Brexit? What are the costs and benefits and consequences of  Brexit for Britain, the EU, and even the world beyond? Is Brexit the beginning of an ever  looser EU and/or the end of the UK? Where is the UK, the EU, and the wider world  heading, and why? Brexit raises questions about legitimacy, the future of constitutions,  institutions, political parties and party systems and interest groups. Who are the winners  and losers from Brexit? To what extent have people voted against their interests (for  example, the correlation between regional EU funding and anti-EU voting)? What are the  opportunities of Brexit for different futures (such as global trade and migration)? What  does the Brexit result say about the nature of democracy and the role of the citizen?  Could we be witnessing a move away from referendums and a return to the merits of  representative democracy?

 Beyond just Brexit, what, if anything, are the consequences of change, identity politics,  populism and instability in the world for terrorism, security, borders, migration, and  international co-operation? Are there limits to globalisation?  Is there a re-design of great  power politics? How important is economic uncertainty and the state of the economy for  the rise of social movements, populism and disgruntlement with ‘the establishment’,  ‘experts’, ‘liberal elites’ and ‘immigrants’? What are the roles played by populist leaders  (Farage, Le Pen, and Trump)? Do they reflect or drive populist politics? Are we heading  for a backlash against so-called ‘liberal’ values such as gender equality, transgender  awareness, LGBT rights, same-sex marriage, diversity and multiculturalism, and secular values? What is the role of the media, particularly social media in escalating political disquiet and distrust, and for feeding the promise of unattainable nirvanas and cyclical despair? How important is political education and the capacity to communicate all sides? How salient is diversity to politics and leadership and the resolution of conflict? Are we heading for a new era of female leadership (Clinton, Davidson, May, Merkel, and Sturgeon) and what will the likely impact be?

Finally, to what extent are we beyond the known? How can we be more certain about the seemingly uncertain (for example, polling in recent elections)? To the extent that we are in unchartered waters, what, if anything, can be done to restore order, trust, and satisfaction within polities?

We hope that the unique and vibrant setting of Glasgow will provide a stimulating environment to welcome you to the PSA conference in 2017. 

Conference Programme

To view the conference programme and to access the full list of approved papers, panels and timings, please click here

It is recommended that papers should be uploaded (in PDF format) by Friday 24th March. Please email if you have any difficulties uploading papers. 

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Registration for the 67th PSA Annual International Conference is NOW CLOSED. 

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Standard Rates
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Registrations cancelled 4 weeks before the event will be refunded 100% of the registration fees.

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Please do contact Avnish Patel, Events & Marketing Manager at the PSA if you have any queries regarding refunds. 

Paper and Panel Proposals

The deadline for paper and panel proposals has now passed and no further submissions will be accepted. 

Paper/panel acceptance and rejection emails were sent out in early December 2016

Equality & Diversity at the PSA Annual International Conference

The PSA is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all areas of its work. As such, all panels submitted to the annual international conference must endeavour to reflect the diversity of the profession and gender balance – we will be taking this into account when accepting proposals. PSA Specialist Group convenors should make active efforts to involve BME speakers as a means of reflecting the importance of this issue to the PSA E&D agenda.

Travel & Accommodation in Glasgow

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Working together with the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (GCMB), we have secured discounted rooms across a range of hotels, which are available to book hereAccommodation will be sold on a first come, first served basis and the published rates will be available until Monday 27th February 2017.

Please email the GCMB directly regarding any accommodation enquiries such as booking for additional nights. 

Please also be aware that the conference timings for panel sessions and plenaries are envisaged as follows:

Monday 10 April: 0930 - 1745

Tuesday 11 April: 0930 - 1700

Wednesday 12 April: 0900 - 1700

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Post Graduate Access Fund

Post Graduate Members of the PSA who have had a paper proposal accepted to the 67th Annual Conference in Glasgow (10 - 12 April 2017) are eligible to apply to the Post Graduate Access Fund. Please note, the Access Fund is for Conference registration and accomodation only

To apply for the Post Graduate Access Fund, please download and complete an application form, and return it to: Heather Lawless, Political Studies Association, 113a Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6HJ.

The deadline for the Post Graduate Access Fund is Wednesday, 1 February 2017.

For further information, please contact Heather Lawless.

International Visitors Grant Scheme

The PSA International Visitor Grants scheme supports the presentation of research at the PSA Annual Conference by members of partner PSAs across the world. This replaces the existing system of bilateral ‘exchange agreements’. It is operated with the support and assistance of PSA Specialist Group convenors to ensure that international visitors are able to engage with relevant audiences and research networks at the PSA conference.

The deadline for the International Visitor Grant for the 2017 Annual Conference has now passed. 

Conference Venues

The PSA Conference 2017 will be held mainly in the Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC) with a number of sessions and meetings taking place in the Graham Hills and McCance Buildings, Committee Room 9 and the Blackfriars Bar

Staff will be on hand and there will be signage to direct conference attendees to the various venues.

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Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will be held at the Old Fruitmarket, a stunning and iconic venue in Glasgow's Merchant City district on the evening of Tuesday 11 April. Tickets are priced at £50.00 and can be purchased by clicking the 'Book your place' box at the top of the page. For further details please click here

Childcare at the Conference

The PSA is once again pleased to offer a childcare service for delegates. The service is available only to those who book in advance and cannot be booked onsite. The deadline for booking childcare is Monday 13 February and please contact Avnish Patel, Events Manager at the PSA, for further details.   

Undergraduate Conference

The PSA Undergraduate Research Conference, a one day event organised by a team of undergraduate students and academic staff will take place on Thursday 13th April 2017 on campus at the University of Strathclyde. For more information and to book your place please see here

Future PSA Conference Dates:

68th Annual International Conference: 26-29 March 2018, Cardiff

69th Annual International Conference: 15-17 April 2019, Oxford

70th Annual International Conference: 15-17 March 2020, Edinburgh


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Top image courtesy of Dr Mark Shephard.