Room L, City Hall
Time Slot: 
Wednesday 28th March 13:30 - 15:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Dr Jennifer Thomson (University of Bath)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Peter Allen (University of Bath)
  • Dr David Cutts (University of Bath)
  • Ms Anna Sanders (University of Manchester)
  • Dr Rosalind Shorrocks (University of Manchester)
  • Ms Jessica Smith (Birkbeck, University of London)
  • Ms Nadine Zwiener (City, University of London)

This panel addresses contemporary issues in gender and political behaviour.

Chair - Jennifer Thomson (University of Bath)

Peter Allen (University of Bath)/David Cutts (University of Birmingham) - Exploring gendered variation in political ambition across a multi-level political opportunity structure

Anna Sanders and Rosalind Shorrocks (University of Manchester) - Battle buses and childcare pledges: party policy and the gender vote gap in British general elections, 2010-2017

Nadine Zwiener (City) - Gendered Labour Markets and Women’s Political Participation – The Contextual Effect of Gendered Patterns of Work on Political Participation in 25 European Countries

Jessica Smith (Birkbeck) – Voting for Mother and Father: An Experimental Aproach to Parenthood and British Political Leadership