Room 2.30A, Law & Politics Building
Time Slot: 
Tuesday 27th March 15:30 - 17:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor Jonathan Bradbury (Swansea University)
Panel Members: 
  • Professor Jonathan Bradbury (Swansea University)
  • Professor Margaret Arnott (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Dr Bettina Petersohn (Swansea University)

UK Government and the devolved jurisidictions have faced a range of issues regarding how to develop institutional structures to manage inter-governmental relations across the UK, as well as how to develop political visions of decentralisation or indeed relationships across what is now the UK in the possible event of Scottish independence.  This panel brings together research on three key issues in this research agenda.  Bradbury, Convery and Wall address the implications of Brexit by analysing party strategies across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to a range of dimensions of state decentralisation affected by Brexit.  Brown considers the approach of the Scottish National Party in comparison with nationalist parties in Flanders to the development of ideas of independence which include ideas of continued ties with the state from which they have seceded.  Finally, Birrell, Carmichael and Gormley-Heenan consider the revival of the joint ministerial council as a focus for intergovernmental relations since 2016, addressing issues raised by the implementation of Brexit as well as the UK Government's reliance on a confidence and supply arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party.