Room 2.29, Law & Politics Building
Time Slot: 
Tuesday 27th March 09:30 - 11:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Dr Arianna Giovannini (De Montfort University)
Panel Members: 
  • Professor Silvia Bolgherini (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Dr Arianna Giovannini (De Montfort University)
  • Mr Graham Pycock (University of Westminster)
  • Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg (University of Liverpool)


Panel Synopsis: Governance rescaling is a common feature across Europe. Devolution of powers to sub-state levels, local government reorganisation, attempts at recentralising powers at regional or national scale, and calls for constitutional reform and/or further autonomy from the bottom-up are only some examples of the ways in which such processes manifest themselves in different countries. In a context characterised by growing economic and social instability, aggravated by the spreading of austerity measures, territorial reform attempts are often prompted by a variety of contingent needs that go beyond the aim of ‘improving local democracy’ and ‘empowering communities’. Increasingly, governance rescaling processes seem to be characterised by ‘crisis-driven reforms’ and, as such, they tend to be ‘fuzzy’ and lack a clear road map and end-point. This, of course, has important implications in terms of durability and effectiveness of the policies pursued, and of centre-periphery relationships.

The aim of this panel is to offer insights on processes of governance rescaling in different European countries and/or in comparative perspective, focussing on issues such as: i) governance restructuring ‘failure’ or ‘success’; ii) the impact of austerity on territorial reforms; iii) demands for further autonomy and/or recentralisation (e.g. through referendums).