Ferrier Hall
Time Slot: 
Wednesday 28th March 15:30 - 17:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Mr Hans Asenbaum (University of Westminster)
Panel Members: 
  • Ms Lisa Villioth (University of Siegen)
  • Professor Graham Smith (University of Westminster)
  • Ms Rabea Willers (University of Westminster)

The emergence of new forms of online communication go hand in hand with hopes of the invigoration of citizen participation. The early discussions of cyberdemocracy in the 1990s predicted a new participatory culture spreading through society with social movements, citizens' initiatives, and governments creating new participatory spaces online. This panel brings together current empirical research on citizens' engagement on the internet and asks how these empirical findings compare to early cyberdemocratic hopes. It addresses questions like:

- What new participatory spaces emerge on the internet?

- How does design of digital platforms affect patterns of online participation?

- How do online and offline engagement relate to each other?

- How are societies as a whole affected by these new participatory modes?