Room E, City Hall
Time Slot: 
Monday 26th March 14:15 - 15:45
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor Claire Dunlop (University of Exeter)
Panel Members: 
  • Professor Janice Morphet (University College London)
  • Dr John Connolly (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Siabhainn Russell (University of Aberdeen)
  • Mr Akash Paun (Institute for Government)
  • Dr Andrew Judge (University of Glasgow)

The pursuit of diverging and independent policy approaches to an array of policy problems has increasingly characterised the landscape of the UK as devolution across the regions matures. In conjunction with the territorial demands of a devolved nation state, however, and additionally demanding academic attention in the contemporary political context, is the future direction of policymaking in a post-Brexit climate. This panel therefore explores such considerations with regard to both issue specific domains, and broader institutional arrangements.