Room E, City Hall
Time Slot: 
Tuesday 27th March 13:30 - 15:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor Andrew Massey (University of Exeter)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr John Connolly (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Dr Karl O'Connor (Ulster University)
  • Mrs Titilayo Soremi (University of Exeter)
  • Mr Lucky Benson (University of Manchester)

Considerations for policymaking in western and non-western contexts inevitably diverge, yet often share a common lens of analysis as part of the broader global agora. The dominance of policy learning and transfer across in the international scene, for example, has long been afforded increasing attention in the academic scholarship. Region specific demands, however, such as the implication of Brexit negotiations and final decision, as yet unknown in their nature, extent and magnitude, nevertheless occupy must space in considerations of domestic policymaking and this too has not gone unnoticed in the literature. This panel therefore seeks to address these timely themes, and presents case studies from Scotland, Nigeria, India and Central Asia.