Publishing Roundtable: Meet the Editors

Tuesday 27th March, 15:30-17:00, Council Chamber, Cardiff City Hall 

This publishing roundtable, co-hosted by the Public Policy and Administration Specialist Group, the Executive Politics and Governance Specialist Group and SAGE Publishing, brings together six top ranking journals and their editors to tackle myths, answer questions and provide guidance on submission. Each editor will make a short 2-minute statement before responding to queries and discussion points from the chairs and the audience. The event has been designed in collaboration with the PSA Early Career Network and will cover topics ranging from how to 'target' a journal and deal with rejections, to making comments as a reviewer. 

The following editors will be participating: Dr Alan Convery (Editor, BJPIR), Dr Martin Coward (Editor, Politics), Professor Claire Dunlop (Editor, Public Policy and Administration), Dr Isabelle Engeli (Editor, Political Studies Review), Professor Andrew Hindmoor (Editor, Political Studies), Professor Martin Lodge (Editor, Public Administration) and Professor Andrew Massey (Editor, Public Money and Management).