Room 2.30, Law & Politics Building
Time Slot: 
Tuesday 27th March 15:30 - 17:00
Panel Chair: 
  • Professor James Martin (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Panel Discussant: 
  • Dr Judi Atkins (Aston University)
Panel Members: 
  • Dr Judi Atkins (Aston University)
  • Dr Sophia Hatzisavvidou (University of Bath)
  • Dr Emilia Palonen (University of Helsinki)
  • Dr Taru Haapala (University of Jyvaskyla)

This panel brings together both theoretical and empirical insights from the rhetorical study of politics and demonstrates how both as a way of constituting difficult questions and enquiring into them, rhetoric is well equipped to enhance our understanding of complex political issues. One of the virtues of this approach is that it enables us to attend both at specific instances of political life and to the very reasons that make such rhetorical interventions constitutive of a vibrant public sphere. Therefore, the contributors to this panel argue that the importance of ‘asking the difficult questions’ is of equal worth as that of ‘resolving difficult questions’. Ultimately, they argue, the rhetorical analysis of political concepts, as well as the practices, institutions, and events that sustain and reproduce them, can help us grasp the interplay of political ideology, administration, and action.