6th Annual PSA-BISA Learning and Teaching Conference

Teaching and Learning Politics and International Relations in the UK and Beyond: Challenges, Opportunities, Innovation

On 2 January 2013, Higher Education Minister David Willetts delivered an upbeat account of the higher education sector in England (Independent 2/1/2013): overall funding for teaching and student choice will continue to increase, while financial support has been extended to part-time students. With the National Student Survey and the Key Information Set in hand, students now have more information than ever before on which to choose their career or educational establishment.

This new environment poses a number of questions of professionals in Politics and International Relations, including: how do we recruit and retain students in competition with other fields with more encouraging employment prospects? How appealing are our degree programmes to prospective students? Can we improve the learning experience by making our teaching activities more responsive to student needs?

The 6th Annual PSA/BISA Learning and Teaching Conference, 9-10 September, 2013, University of Westminster, London, UK, will be exploring the opportunities and need for innovation in the teaching of Politics and International Relations in the UK and beyond in the new Higher Education environment.

Further details on the conference themes and how to submit a paper proposal can be found here.