The Adam Smith Institute presents Forum – a day long conference on ideas that matter

Tickets: Eventbrite

The Adam Smith Institute advocates for ideas that will make the world a freer, better, richer place. We aim to be radical and reasonable – pushing for bold reforms but backing it up with cold, hard evidence.

In that spirit, the Institute is hosting their second Forum. Last year, the Institute's Forum attracted around 250 attendees with aims to make the Forum this year even bigger. Leading economists, philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers will come together for a day of talks on the underappreciated, underrecognised ideas they believe help explain and improve the world.

Speakers will include: Johan Norberg, author of Progress making the case against nostalgia, Professor John Harris defending gene editing, Empirical Sex founder Elisa Misu Solaris exploring the science of kink, and Dr. Anton Howes explaining the causes of innovation.

To see who else is speaking and to purchase a ticket, please visit Eventbrite.