Panel discussion

Can environmental institutions still be leaders in times of Uncertainty?

15 April 2019, Nottingham

This event is part of Monday Plenary of the PSA Annual International Conference 2019 in Nottingham, UK.

Institutions such as the United Nations have played a pivotal role in responding to environment challenges over recent years, particularly regarding climate change. Where the UN’s 2009 Copenhagen conference failed, the 2015 Paris conference represented a political (if not necessarily environmental) success, with almost every state submitting their own emissions pledge. However, since then, scepticism about the role of external institutions, and the enduring denial of climate change, has seen the USA begin to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Perhaps on a more promising note – but still with implications for international institutions – a more diffuse, multi-level and ‘polycentric’ approach to environmental challenges is being called for by scholars and practitioners alike. Here, the panellist at this plenary event will discuss how this uncertain political landscape is affecting institutions’ abilities to lead on urgent environmental challenges. 



Natalie Bennett

Green Party

Dr Marit Hammond

Co-convenor, PSA Environmental Politics Specialist Group and Keele University

Corli Pretorius

UN Environment Programme – World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Kirsty Schneeberger MBE



Dr Paul Tobin

University of Manchester
Trustee, PSA

Nottingham Conference Centre
Burton Street
NG1 4BU Nottingham