Citizens and politics in Britain today: still a 'civic culture’?

One day conference on Thursday 26th September, 11am-3.45pm, London School of Economics

Fifty years on from the ‘Civic Culture’ study, this conference brings together a number of research projects to consider the nature of citizens’ relations with politics and political institutions in contemporary Britain. The conference will cover the state of public attitudes to politics, the nature and explanation of citizen disillusion with politics, public attitudes towards alternative ways of conducting politics, the effects of politicians’ behaviour on citizen attitudes and the role of constitutional change in responding to citizen distrust.

Speakers: Paul Whiteley (Essex), Sarah Birch (Glasgow), Nicholas Allen (Royal Holloway), John Curtice (Strathclyde), Gerry Stoker (Southampton), Paul Webb (Sussex), Christopher Carman (Glasgow) and Ben Seyd (Kent). Chair: Peter Kellner, President, YouGov.

Further details and booking: Ben Seyd, University of Kent.