Conference Highlights 2013

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Leveson Plenary

Video: Parts 1/2/3 of the plenary (apologies: the last 4 minutes are not available)




Photo: Dan James Jones

"A little bit of statutory underpinning is just the beginning" - Trevor Kavanagh argued passionately for a rejection of Leveson.

Read the full transcript of Trevor's speech to the Leveson Inquiry.


Photo: Dan James Jones

"I want to defend the right of the press to be an unruly press - that's when it's at its best" Mick Hume from Spiked Online clearly in the anti-Leveson camp. 

Read Mick's Spiked Online articles


Photo: Dan James Jones

Brian Cathcart from Hacked off - "newspapers should not be afraid of showing they are a reputable organisation with high-standards". 

Read Brian's submission to the Leveson Inquiry


Photo: Dan James Jones

"This is not about free speech. It is about curbing corporate power". Professor Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications at University of Westminster gave a powerful address. 

Read Professor Barnett's written evidence to the Leveson Inquiry here.


Further highlights


'The Future of Political Science'


Professor John Ishiyama (University of North Texas and Editor of the American Political Science Review) gave a talk entitled: 'The Future of Political Science?'. John discussed how, in the wake of the Coburn Amendment, political scientists more than ever need to adapt to challenging times and make their research more accessible to the general public. In his charismatic way, he also discussed the evolving relationship between research and teaching, and argued that, whilst being very different skill sets, both need to be embraced by academics, as "if you don't teach, what's the point? And if you don't do research, what do you know?". Watch the full video below:




PSA Annual Leonard Schapiro Lecture (Sponsored by Government and Opposition)

Professor Donnatella Della Porta delivered 2013's Annual Leonard Schapiro Lecture to a packed hall of eager delegates. The topic of discussion was 'Clandestine Polilitical Violence: A Global Comparison'. The session was concluded with a lively Q&A session. 




Political Studies Review Roundtable: The Social Relevance and 'Impact' of Political Science


Although debates about the relevance and ‘impact’ of academia are not new, recent developments have increased the pressure on academics to demonstrate why their research matters beyond academe. Within political science these pressures have been compounded by criticisms that the discipline has become increasingly detached and disconnected from society and has little social benefit.

In the video below, panellists discuss the relevance and 'impact' of academia, building upon the polemic between Matthew Flinders, Peter John and others.



Meet the Editors

Watch the video below to find out what it takes to get your paper published, what themes and topics are in prospect, what are the main do’s and don'ts for inexperienced authors, and how authors should handle and interpret the review process. 



'The Government and Opposition' drinks reception at the Welsh Assembly


Conference Convenor, Professor Richard Wyn Jones, addresses delegates in the glorious surroundings of the Welsh Assembly nestled in Cardiff bay. 





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