Conference Highlights 2014

Welcome to our highlights page for the PSA 64th Annual International Conference, which was held 14-16 April at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. 

Annual Leonard Schapiro Lecture

The PSA Annual Schapiro Lecture 2014 was delivered by Professor Ron Johnston (University of Bristol) on the topic 'Which Map? Which Government? Malapportionment and Gerrymandering UK Style'. The Lecture was sponsored by Government and Opposition. Professor Katherine Adeney (University of Nottingham) acted as Chair. The full video is available below:


PSA Annual Conference Dinner Speaker - Shami Chakrabarti

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty and Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Manchester, provided the Annual Dinner speech on the topic ’80 Years of Liberty – The Restless Spirit of Human Rights’. Watch Shami's speech below:


The Conversation: 'Is the Power of Political Journalism in Decline?'

Sponsored by SAGE and The Conversation, this panel includes Arif Ansari (BBC North West Political Editor), Professor Ivor Gaber (City University), Stephen Kahn (The Conversation), Helen Nugent (freelance journalist) and Jonathan Este (The Conversation).

Beyond the Youth Citizenship Commission roundtable

Prize winners