The effect of coalition on the 2015 general election

At the 2010 general election, whilst many political observers predicted a hung parliament, they did not expect a coalition government of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This one day conference will bring together academics, policy-makers and politicians to examine the effect of coalition government on British politics ahead of the 2015 general election. Has coalition government changed the very nature of party competition in Britain? Is single-party government still a viable option in British politics?

Abstracts are invited for papers, addressing the following themes:

  • Political parties and party competition since 2010
  • The changing salience of issues since 2010
  • Party ideology
  • Political reform: elections and referendums
  • Coalition politics and public attitudes
  • Governance and political institutions

Proposals should include an abstract of no more than 300 words and be submitted alongside the speaker’s name, institution and contact details. Proposals are welcome from established academics, early-career researchers and PhD students.

The deadline for abstract submissions is Wednesday 28 January 2015.

This conference is organised by the Governance and Political Organisations cluster at Newcastle University, and supported by the British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

Proposals, and any questions or queries, should be directed to Craig Johnson (