Fragmented Democracy: Politics, Policy and Governance in a Divided Age

The British Politics Group of American Political Science Association in cooperation with the American Politics Group of the PSA has organized a one-day conference to explore the unique challenges facing democracies today. Democracies are experiencing an unprecedented wave of experimentation in politics, with new initiatives that in many cases challenge longstanding traditions of centralized policymaking. The "fragmentation" of democracy has taken many forms: territorial, institutional, ideological and administrative. Fragmentation has the potential to empower new constituencies and new political alliances, to stimulate creative responses to complex political challenges, to recast the relationship between domestic and international politics, and to unsettle democratic norms and conventions. This conference is also listed as an APSA short course and takes place on the day before the formal opening of the APSA conference. The Gleacher Center is adjacent to the one of the APSA conference hotels (Sheraton).

Further information on the conference and registration information can be found on the BPG website. If you have any questions, please contact Terrence Casey, BPG Executive Director.