Gender and self-identification: Questions, proposals, controversies

16 May 2019, Manchester

A one day conference held at the University of Manchester from 10:00 to 18:00 on 16 May. 


  • Holly Lawford-Smith (Melbourne): “Gender Self-identification and Costly Signals of Assurance”
  • Sophie Grace Chapell (Open University): “Transgender: Theory and Experience”
  • Mary Leng (York): “Ameliorative Inquiry and Legal Recognition: Sex, Gender, and The GRA”
  • Alex Byrne (MIT): "The Genealogy of Gender Identity”
  • Rosie Worsdale (Cambridge): “Are Women-Only Spaces Really Female-Only Spaces? Revision, Contestation And The Pragmatics Of Feminist Politics”


View on University of Manchester's website here.

Arthur Lewis Building Manchester