Greater Manchester democracy hub

26 Feb 2019, Manchester

Join The Democratic Society and The Politics Project for a meeting of the Greater Manchester Democracy Hub which aims to bring together organisations, departments and individuals interested in democracy, engagement and participation.

Across Greater Manchester there are so many organisations doing fantastic work to build communities, increase participation and strengthen democracy. With so much going on, it can be hard to keep up-to-date with everyone else and find time to collaborate.

We want to bring everyone together for an evening to network, share ideas and explore ways to work together to create projects that further democracy. The format will be casual, with opportunities to network interspersed with short 3-minute pitches where people can pose questions, discuss projects, co-ordinate around upcoming opportunities and promote their organisations. 

The session will feature contributions from Helen Pidd discussing the new initiative WalkRideGM and from the team at Manchester Histories and the People's History Museum outlining the various activities taking place throughout the year as part of Peterloo 2019.


To read more about the hub please visit: www.thepoliticsproject.org.uk/democracyhubs

Federation House M4 4BF Manchester