Has the Protestant working class lost out in the Peace Process?”

The PSA Irish Politics Specialist Group in conjunction with the Fellowship of Messines Association, “Citizens for Peace” Project invites you to a one-day workshop on the theme of:

“Has the Protestant working class lost out in the Peace Process?”

A critical assessment of key issues, ranging from political identity and socio-economic deprivation to community safety

Wednesday 15 May 2013, 9.30am-4pm

The removal of the Union flag from Belfast City Hall in early December 2012 prompted widespread protests across Northern Ireland. It also sparked some of the worst violence seen here for years, most of which occurred in deprived parts of this divided city, with far-reaching implications for politics, socio-economic fortunes, and community safety.

This event brings together community representatives, academics, policymakers/analysts and the local media in a dialogue about the issues which prompted the crisis. It asks hard questions about political identity, socio-economic deprivation and what a ‘shared future’ might actually look like. In doing so it directly addresses probing questions about the ‘peace process’, the place of the Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) community within it, and whether enough has been done to bring about meaningful reconciliation between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists.

The workshop will address the following key themes:

• The success and failure of the ‘peace process’ vis-à-vis the Protestant working class
• The cultural heritage and politics of the Protestant working class
• The effect of the ‘flags protests’ on community relations
• The challenges posed by the ‘dealing with the past’ agenda
• The place of the PUL community as a whole in a ‘shared future’

Speakers include: Joe Bowers, Dr Aaron Edwards, Rev. Chris Hudson, Billy Hutchinson, Professor James McAuley, Jackie McDonald, Dr Gareth Mulvenna, Dr Tony Novosel,
Jackie Redpath, Dr Graham Spencer

The event is now fully booked.