International Exhibition: Questions of Accountability


The Covid-19 crisis has created major challenges for governments, organisations and communities all over the world. This is reflected in increasing concerns regarding ‘democratic backsliding’ and the emergence of increasingly ‘il-liberal democracies’. The use of emergency powers, limits on individual rights and restrictions on public gatherings have all in their own ways created ‘new’ questions of accountability which very often exist alongside or augment longstanding ‘old’ concerns regarding the accountability and control of politicians and public servants. The emergence of populist pressures and anti-political sentiments had in recent years already added distinctive dimensions and democratic dilemmas to the notion of accountable governance, and Covid-19 has exacerbated these concerns. The time has now come to subject those ‘questions of accountability’ to open debate and honest reflection in the hope of identifying fresh perspectives and possibly even new solutions.   


In line with an emphasis on innovation, this is not a traditional conference: it is an online exhibition of presentations and papers that engage with different questions of accountability from a range of perspectives. With an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and equality this is an open event with no fees or conference charges. A thematic catalogue of papers and presentations will be made available on-line for five weeks, with a core event on the 3rd November showcasing keynote speakers from all over the world. The exhibition will be hosted online by the University of Worcester and convened by Professor Matthew Flinders (University of Sheffield) and Chris Monaghan (University of Worcester).


The Exhibition of Papers runs from Monday 1st November to Friday 5th November 2021. The exhibition and the recording of the keynote speakers will be available to view for four weeks following the formal close of the exhibition. 



Exhibition Organisers


Professor Matthew Flinders, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield Email: m.flinders@sheffield.ac.uk  Twitter: @PoliticalSpike


Chris Monaghan, School of Law, University of Worcester Email: c.monaghan@worc.ac.uk Twitter: @Chris_JMonaghan


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Twitter:  #Qofaccountability2021


Further details will be uploaded to this page in due course. This is not a Political Studies Association event and that all questions/enquiries should be directed to the event organiser.