International Populism: The Radical Right in the European Parliament

CER Research Seminar Series 

The Centre for European Research at Queen Mary University of London hosts this event as part of their Research Seminar Series. 

The speakers for the evening will be: 

Professor Duncan McDonnell (Griffith University, Australia) has written extensively on right-wing populism, including, with Daniele Albertazzi, the books Twenty-First Century Populism (2008) andPopulists in Power (2015) and, with Nadia Marzouki and Olivier Roy, Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion (2016). His next book, with Annika Werner, looks at radical right populists in the European Parliament and will be published by Hurst in May 2019. 

Dr Stijn van Kessel (CER/QMUL) studies populism and the discourse, voters and electoral performance of populist parties in Europe, with a particular focus on the radical right. He wrote the monograph Populist Parties in Europe: Agents of Discontent? (2017) and his articles have appeared in various leading academic journals.

Sophia Gaston is the Director of the Centre for Social and Political Risk, based at the Henry Jackson Society, holds a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Institute of Global Affairs in the London School of Economics and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. A social and political researcher, she conducts international, citizen-focused projects on social and cultural crises, political change, the media and democracy - with a focus on threats to governance in Western nations. 

The event will be chaired by Dr Sarah Wolff, Director of the CER.


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