At the Intersections: A One-Day Conference on Intersectionality

'At the Intersections' is a one-day conference sponsored and supported by the PSA (Political Studies Association) Women and Politics Specialist Group, the PSA Early Career Network and the BSA (British Sociological Association) Race and Ethnicity Study Group.

The event aims to bring together political scientists, political sociologists, activists and practitioners dealing with intersections of identity and intersecting oppressions in the context of British and international politics, academia and the University, political and social theory, policy and media discourse, and in grassroots activism.

Panels and sessions will be focused on activism, social movements and the third sector; inclusion, representation and oppressions in the University; theory, methodology and critique, and discourse, institutions and marginalised peoples.

The keynote will be be provided by Professor Akwugo Emejulu from the Department of Sociology, University of Warwick.

For more details and registration, please see here.