MANCEPT Workshops

The MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory is an annual conference in political theory, organised under the auspices of the Manchester Centre for Political Theory. This year’s conference will be the fourteenth event in the series and will take place from Monday 11 September – Wednesday 13 September at the Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester. Over the last thirteen years, participants from over twenty five countries have come together in a series of workshops focussing on political theory/philosophy widely construed. 

One of the workshops at MANCEPT, 'The October Revolution 100 Years On,' is sponsored by the PSA's Marxism specialist group, and will feature the following papers: 

- "Rosa Luxemburg and the failed German revolution of 1919" by Mark Cowling (Teesside University, retired.)

- "The HIstory of Criminal Selectivity" by Valeria Vegh Weis 

- "A Vanguard Revolution? Michael Lebowitz' Critique of the Vanguard Marxism" by Paul Raekstad (University of Amsterdam)

- "Lenin, Anarchism and 1917" by Dr David Bates (Canterbury Christchurch University)

If you require any further information about the MANCEPT Workshops please e-mail the workshop organisers Nicola Mulkeen and Sara Van Goozen at: