Northern Ireland 20 years after the ceasefires: Challenges & opportunities


Registration: by 2 August.

Your email should give your: (i) position (e.g. PhD student), (ii) institutional affiliation (if any), (iii) one sentence indicating the general topic of your research, and (iv) the workshop you would like to attend.

This conference will explore the challenges and opportunities facing Northern Ireland as we approach the anniversary of the 1994 paramilitary ceasefires. In doing so, we will provide a rare arena for developing an exchange of research findings and ideas among established, early career and emerging scholars.

The conference is run with two types of forum for facilitating such exchanges. First, six papers from established and early career scholars will be presented in two sessions. The second half of the conference will take the form of four parallel workshop sessions convened by two doctoral students whose research is in this field. The purpose of these workshops is to enable doctoral students in particular to share insights from their research in an interdisciplinary atmosphere.

The workshops are loosely organised along four key themes of challenges/ opportunities in contemporary Northern Ireland. The key points from these discussions will then be reported back in plenary session by the convenors. The conference will conclude with papers from two eminent scholars which will bring insights from the past twenty years to look ahead to the prospects for Northern Ireland in the coming decades.

For information on the programme, please click on the attached pdf file below.