Political Speech Competition Finals 2021

Join us to celebrate the achievements of Undergraduate students speaking up on political issues important to them. 

Our Political Speech Competition 2021 is held in partnership with the University of East Anglia. 

Monday 15th March will see events around the world to celebrate World Speech Day. Covid-19 has popped reality as we know it and 'Humanity is at a crossroad' as to how we go from here. The voices of young people are critical to shaping the future. Each year, our competition, dares students to speak up on issues important to them. We saw a fantastic number of entries this year and our finalists have been working hard to perfect their political speeches. 

Join us Monday 15th March 16:00-17:30 to celebrate their success. 

Watch our top-ten speeches here.

Before the event we're encouraging you to vote on your favourite speech. Click here to vote.


16:00-16:10 Welcome from the PSA and Future Leaders

16:10-16:30 Our ten finalists will introduce themselves and talk a little about their political speech topic

16:30-16:35 Professor Alan Finlayson will talk about political speechmaking and the competition criteria for a winning speech

16:35-16:50 Feeback from judges Simon Lancaster (Professional Speechwriter), Phillip Collins (Columnist for the New Statesman & Times), Rebecca Deegan (Founder of I Have a Voice)

16:50-17:20 Hear the top-three political speeches from our students

17:20-17:30 Winner announced & thanks yous. 

Learn more about our competition finalists here

For more information on this year's competition click here.

Please note that this event will be recorded and used by the PSA and UEA for promotional purposes. 

If you have any questions, please contact jamie.roberts@psa.ac.uk