Political violence in a new global order

17 Jan 2019, London

100 years after the First World War, we are witnessing major changes in the global political order. Rising powers challenge Western hegemony while international institutions are undermined. In Western countries, the rise of nationalist-populist forces goes hand in hand with fear of outside threats, such as terrorism. Are we facing a new era of instability and war? This panel from the Conflict & Change group of UCL’s Department of Political Science will discuss the likelihood and patterns of political violence – and how we can confront it – in a new global order.

The panel includes:

Chair: Prof. Kristin Bakke / Kit Rickard

The changing global order: Dr. Zeynep Bulutgil

International and civil war: Dr. Rod Abouharb

Ethnic cleansing/genocide: Dr. Kate Cronin-Furman

Terrorism: Dr. Manuel Vogt

United Nations and other interventions: Dr. Nils Metternich

Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre
Gower Street
WC1E 6BT London