The politics of Englishness

The latest Future of England Survey finds a strong relationship between English identity and concerns about some of the major issues that are shaping British politics, including Britain's troubled membership of the European Union, immigration, and the capacity of British institutions to treat the nations of the UK fairly. The report argues that the politicisation of English identity is an important factor in explaining public concerns about these issues, but one that has been largely ignored by the major political parties. It shows how the English increasingly believe that England is getting a raw deal from its membership of both the EU and the current political settlement within the United Kingdom. UKIP currently stands to gain most from the growing tide of English patriotism, adding another area which could erode Conservative and Labour support. The Future of England Survey also explores the inclusiveness of contemporary Englishness by looking at how attitudes towards national identity are changing among ethnic minorities.

The event will take place at IPPR's central London office (14 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6DF) on Monday July 8th 4-6pm

Professors Richard Wyn Jones and Charlie Jeffery will present the key findings from the report, followed by reflections from an expert panel. The panel which includes Jon Cruddas MP, Isabel Hardman (The Spectator) and Sunder Katwala (British Future) will reflect on what these trends mean for British politics.

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