PSA Teaching and Learning Network Annual Conference: Pedagogic Futures in Politics and International Relations

September 13 - 14 2023

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The teaching of Politics, International Relations and International Development has rarely changed as quickly as it has since 2019. The academic landscape has been impacted not only by the pandemic, but also by other global and domestic challenges and by changes within the higher education sector. Our students have new priorities and challenges, as do the academics and practitioners engaged in their learning and many of the old challenges still remain. As a group we are now dealing with the repercussions of a changing demographic of students, evolving needs and expectations and often different patterns and locations of work.

This conference aims to bring together academics to discuss these and other issues which are creating challenges and opportunities within teaching and learning. We want to consider what lessons we can learn and what good practice we can share and take forward. Some potential areas of discussion include:

  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • the move into wide-scale digital teaching and assessment
  • the impact of the decolonization agenda
  • the drive for inclusivity
  • the challenges faced by universities and academics when it comes to the use of AI
  • the impact of education-focused careers and contracts on how we teach and provide leadership within our schools, departments, faculties and universities
  • critical and activist pedagogies in the context of student mental health crises and the multiple crises students see in their lives and futures