Researching psychological phenomena in politics

The Political Studies Association is pleased to announce this collaborative one-day event at the University of Salford which brings together psychologists and political scientists interested in researching the everyday – as well as not-so-everyday - aspects of our political lives. Whether you’re a researcher, student or motivated voter, this is for you! The event is free and lunchtime refreshments will be provided.


Finding out about research in political psychology

Facilitators include psychologists who research how politicians communicate and the nature of their work environments, as well as everyday conversations about politics and the influence of media in our political thinking. They will host a series of discussions, sharing their experiences of the challenges and rewards of conducting this type of research, highlighting what we can learn from the use of quantitative and qualitative methods and engaging the audience in what interests you in finding out more about politics.

Who are the speakers?

Confirmed speakers include Professor Peter Bull (author of Microanalysis of Political Communication), Dr Sharon Coen (media psychologist specialising in political coverage), Dr Jo Meredith (specialist in researching Brexit phenomena online) and Dr Ashley Weinberg (editor of The Psychology of Politicians).

Format of the event

The workshop-style format of this event is designed to promote exchange of ideas, perspectives and information and is likely to appeal to all those who are interested in the processes and outcomes of research in the realm of political psychology.

Good news for Political Psychology

Following the successful launch of the collaboration between the British Psychological Society and the Political Studies Association at the International Society for Political Psychology conference in Edinburgh this summer, this event continues to promote links between our organisations with the shared aim of promoting understanding of the practice of politics in the UK and abroad.

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