Is there a new working class- and can political parties win their support?

6 Dec 2018, Canterbury

Claire Ainsley, author of a new book, 'The New Working Class: how to win hearts, minds and votes', will be joining the University of Kent on 6 December 2018 for a discussion on whether there is a new working class in Britain today, and whether political parties can win their support.

This year, the Conservatives have overtaken Labour in support amongst working-class voters, as patterns in electoral behaviour have shifted across the UK.In her book, she argues that changes to Britain's economy and society over the past forty years have created a new working class. She says that any political party that wants to win a parliamentary majority needs to understand and act on their concerns, and presents a new public attitudes-led model for policy-making.She outlines a policy and values programme to win this crucial vote, arguing that the party that understands this new working class will be the one to form a parliamentary majority. Claire's book received widespread media coverage when it was launched in May 2018. The book's website with all coverage and events is at www.newworkingclass.uk. Claire is the Executive Director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, whose mission is to inspire action and change to solve UK poverty. JRF has worked with University of Kent Professor Matthew Goodwin on trends on low income voter behaviour, in 'Brexit Vote Explained' and 'General Election 2017 Vote Examined', authored with Oliver Heath. Prior to joining JRF in November 2013, Claire worked in public affairs and communications in the public and voluntary sectors, and for the UK's largest trade union.


More information about this event can be found on the University of Kent website.

Lecture Theatre 3 - Grimond Building CT2 7NZ Canterbury