Forthcoming issue

Political Studies Volume 63 Issue 3 (August 2015)

Editors’ Choice

The Militant Strain: An Analysis of Anti-secular Discourse in Britain

Steven Kettell



Normalising or Equalising Party Competition? Assessing the Impact of the Web on Election Campaigning

Rachel K. Gibson and Ian McAllister

Compulsory Voting and the Turnout Decision Calculus

Shane P. Singh

The Expanding Core and Varying Degrees of Insiderness: Institutionalised Interest Group Access to Advisory Councils

Bert Fraussen, Jan Beyers and Tom Donas

Environmental Democratisation: Assessing the Impact of Democratisation on Environmental Capacity in South and Southeastern Europe

Thomas O'Brien

The Ideology of Far-Left Populism in Greece: Blame, Victimhood and Revenge in the Discourse of Greek Anarchists

Roman Gerodimos

Explaining Territorial Change in Federal Democracies: A Comparative Historical Institutionalist Approach

Louise Tillin

Economic Inequality and the Social Capital Gap in the United States across Time and Space

Matthew Wright

Should Kids Pay Their Own Way?

Patrick Tomlin

Distributive Justice and the Problem of Friendship

Chiara Cordelli

Animal Rights Advocacy and Legitimate Public Deliberation

John Hadley

Locke on Territorial Rights

Bas Van der Vossen