Harrison Prize winners (2000-2012)

Harrison Prize Winners Virtual Issue Contents


HP Winner 2012
Martin Bækgaard and Carsten Jensen
The Dynamics of Competitor Party Behaviour
Political Studies 60 (1) March 2012

HP Winner 2011
Ricardo Fabrino Mendonça
Recognition and Social Esteem: A Case Study of the Struggles of People Affected by Leprosy
Political Studies 59 (4), December 2011

HP Winner 2010
Mona Lena Krook
Women’s Representation in Parliament: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Political Studies 58 (5), December 2010

HP Winner 2009
Paul Mitchell, Geoffrey Evans and Brendan O'Leary
Extremist Outbidding in Ethnic Party Systems is Not Inevitable: Tribune Parties in Northern Ireland
Political Studies 57 (2), March 2009

HP Winner 2008
James Tilley and Christopher Wlezien
Does Political Information Matter? An experimental Test Relating to Party Positions on Europe
Political Studies 56 (1), March 2008

HP Winner 2007
Robert Dover
For Queen and Company: The Role of Intelligence in the UK's Arms Trade
Political Studies 55 (4), December 2007

HP Winner 2006
Andrew Dobson
Thick Cosmopolitanism
Political Studies 54 (1), March 2006

HP Winner 2005
Mark Tunick
John Stuart Mill and Unassimilated Subjects
Political Studies 53 (4), December 2005

HP Winner 2004
Philip Jones
All for One and One for All: Transaction Costs and Collective Action
Political Studies 52 (3), October 2004

HP Winner 2003
Charles Pattie, Patrick Seyd and Paul Whiteley
Citizenship and Civic Engagement: Attitudes and Behaviour
Political Studies 51 (3), October 2003

HP Winner 2002
Matthew Flinders
Shifting the Balance? Parliament, the Executive and the British Constitution
Political Studies 50 (1), March 2002

HP Winner 2001
Thomas König
Bicameralism and Party Politics in Germany: An Empirical Social Choice Analysis
Political Studies 49 (3), August 2001

HP Winner 2000
Jeremy Richardson
Government, Interest Groups and Policy Change
Political Studies 48 (5), December 2000