PSA has had an internationalisation policy in place since 2005. To date over 800 political scientists worldwide have benefited from the research opportunities that PSA has supported.

The policy promotes the internationalisation of the profession in two broad ways:

  • supporting non-member political scientists to present their research at our annual conference

PSA has been pro-active in developing ‘sister’ association relationships with national PSAs in order to facilitate ‘exchangers’ at respective annual conferences. These associations include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Hellenic, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Africa, Uruguay and the Asian Politics & International Studies Association. PSA is also a ‘Related Group’ of the American Political Science Association, and has a close working relationship with its ‘British Politics Group’.

  • supporting PSA members to present their research at national PSA meetings overseas

PSA has an ‘Overseas Conference Grants’ scheme and other opportunities in place as member benefits.

PSA also provides additional support as necessary for ‘exchangers’ to make reciprocal research presentations at national PSA conferences overseas (see above list). These opportunities are regularly advertised in PSA’s e-newsletter

Both ‘incomers’ and ‘outgoers’  have shared their thoughts and photos as an acknowledgement of PSA’s support for their research, and as a record of achievement for PSA’s internationalisation programmes.