Each participating organisation, for the International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019, will be making their own arrangements for travel/access grants. If the information is not available here, please contact the organisation of which you are a member. 


Political Studies Association Members

The Political Studies Association is making a number of Access Grants available, up to £150 per person, to those presenting at the upcoming International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019, in Brighton.

These grants are available to PSA members only. You must have been a member at the time you submitted your proposal and have registered for the conference by the grant application deadline. Should the level of demand exceed the funds available we will take into account whether the applicant has received other PSA funding in the last three years. If you are able to access funding from other sources we would ask you to pursue these first if possible.

This grant may be used as a contribution towards your travel and accommodation expenses. It may not be used to cover the conference registration fee.

The deadline for grant applications is Monday 28th January 2019 (12noon).



American Political Science Association Members

APSA members based at U.S. institutions who are presenting at the International Teaching & Learning Conference are eligible for travel grants. Further information and the application form can be found here. Please note that the deadline to apply for an APSA travel grant is January 15, 2019.