BJPIR (PSA members should access journal content via this link) is an international journal that publishes innovative, cutting edge contemporary scholarship on international relations, comparative politics, public policy, political theory and (especially) politics and policy in the United Kingdom.  It is world’s premier journal for research into British politics.

BJPIR is a fully refereed journal of the Political Studies Association of the UK. It has always sought to reflect and drive the major currents of debate in political science and international relations, both in the UK and internationally. The journal seeks to reflect and respond to the changing real world of politics, by publishing articles that are of contemporary relevance to both the study and practice of politics.

Since its inception in 1999, in response to the growing internationalization of the political studies community in the UK and beyond, the transnationalization of the political science profession and the globalization of politics, the journal has welcomed empirically rigorous and theoretically innovative articles on themes and issues that are of such global and scholarly significance that they matter for all states and countries irrespective of geographical location.

Email address for journal:

·         Managing Editor:  John Peterson, University of Edinburgh  

·         Deputy Editor:  Alan Convery, University of Edinburgh

·         Consultant Editors:  Elizabeth Cripps, Iain Hardie, Ailsa Henderson, Charlie Jeffery, Julie Kaarbo, Fiona Mackay, James Mitchell (all University of Edinburgh)

Our International Editorial Board provides broad support and advice on matters related to refereeing and general direction while ensuring the journal's international profile.

Editorial Board

Dr John Bartle

University of Essex

Professor Alexander Bellamy

Griffith University

Professor Richard Bellamy

University College London

Professor Purusottam Bhattacharya

Jadavpur University

Professor Christopher Brown


Professor Simon Caney

University of Oxford

Professor Stuart Croft 

University of Warwick

Professor James Der Derian

Brown University

Professor Dipak Gupta

San Diego State University

Professor Peter A. Hall

Harvard University

Professor David Judge

University of Strathclyde

Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe

University of Hull

Dr Patrick Le Galès

Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris

Professor Elizabeth McLeay

Victoria University of Wellington

Professor David Mutimer

York University

Professor Vicky Randall

University of Essex

Professor George Shambaugh

Georgetown University

Professor John Simpson

University of Southampton

Professor Michael Smith

Loughborough University

Professor Steve Smith 

University of Exeter

Professor Gerry Stoker

University of Southampton

Professor Donley T. Studlar

West Virginia University

Professor Roland Sturm

Friedrich-Alexander Universität

Professor Andrew Vincent

University of Sheffield

Professor Helen Wallace



Best Article Prize

Each year BJPIR showcases and rewards the best article published by the Journal. The winning article is chosen by our (extended) Edinburgh Editorial Team and is directly accessible through SAGE’s website. The author(s) receives a £250 cash prize and the result is unveiled at a major conference, such as APSA or ISA, at a BJPIR reception/event.

Click here to read about past winners of the best BJPIR prize article.