BJPIR typically carries around eight full length articles per issue. Full length articles are sent out to two reviewers, who will be invited to comment through the manuscript central system. If there is not complete agreement between them, then a decision is sought from one of our Consultant Editors at Edinburgh. Our system will also be used to email authors the reviewers' reports and the editors' verdict and instructions.

What we publish?

A lot of our articles have a British/UK politics focus, and we are the world’s leading journal for work on UK politics.  But we are an international journal – with an impact factor of 1.57 – and by no means exclusively a British politics journal. We are also a leading IR journal – ranked 16th of all IR journals – and more generally carry pieces that are genuinely theoretically and methodologically innovative in areas such as political theory, political economy, comparative politics and public policy. Moreover, we carry articles on themes or issues that in the editorial team's view are of such global significance that it matters for all states and countries irrespective of geographical location. It is also something of a priority for us to carry more articles from the Global South (as well as established) North American scholars and scholars based outside of the UK more generally.

Why send papers to BJPIR?

BJPIR goes out to nearly 2,000 PSA members world-wide. The subscription to BJPIR e alerts over 3,000 and the journal has over 3,000 institutional subscriptions. Our large and diverse readership means BJPIR is very favourably placed relative to most politics and international relations journals to disseminate your research, increasing the likelihood that your article will be picked up, read and cited by others working in the field. We will have a new publishers in 2016 – SAGE – one of the world’s finest in reaching maximum academic audiences.

We have installed an efficient review process, thanks to a well-managed editorial team that has increased the speed and ease of the review process. Verdicts and responses will in most cases in the first instance be relayed to authors within two months. We also prioritize articles that are current and topical in terms of sequencing. We will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy a speedy, smooth and thorough review and publication process, from the time of initial submission through to proofs and eventual publication.

We are Thomson Reuters (ISI) listed - now a crucial strategic consideration, for all authors.