Policy Matters

The BJPIR editorial team supports engagement between policy-making and academic sectors. This engagement is being institutionalized in the UKREF process, through a measurement of 'impact'. In the USA the American Political Science Association recently had to respond to an amendment in the Senate to eliminate funding for Political Science research from the National Science Foundation (APSA, 2009; Cohen, 2009). Such pressure on the discipline is indicative of the times and there is an external imperative for the broader discipline of Politics and International Relations to demonstrate direct engagement with policy-related matters.

The BJPIR editorial team thinks the time is right for an occasional section, to address the interface between policy and the discipline. A brief discussion section entitled 'Policy Matters' is thus available in order to showcase work that demonstrates the types of impact that our work can have in understanding the various political and international phenomena we deal with.

Policy Matters pieces should be between 3-5,000 words, and should be submitted through manuscript central, and clearly marked as Policy Matters piece.  They can be:

·       A commentary, analysis or critique of a contemporary policy issue, or institutional change

·       Theoretical reflection or testing of the impact of particular policies

·       An assessment, or evaluation of the political dynamics shaping a particular policy area and the process of policy formulation and implementation.

Articles published under Policy Matters can be accessed here.